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Is It Ok To Let My Dog Hump Me

Subcomandante Marcos - critical reflection, individual and group

(Second Letter to Luis Villoro in the exchange of letters on Ethics and Politics)

April 2011.

"If there is unanimity in the sky, apart for a place in hell"
(Instructions for my death SupMarcos. II)

Don Luis: Health and greetings
teacher. Really hope you feel better health and that the word is like those home remedies that alleviate although nobody knows how.
When I start these lines, pain and anger of Javier Sicilia (Far in the distance but close to ideal from yesteryear) echo reverberating in our mountains. Is to wait and hope that his legendary tenacity, and now calls for our word and action, outreach to group the anger and pain that multiply in Mexican soil. Don Javier Sicilia
remember his uncompromising criticism but fraternal autonomous education system in the Zapatista indigenous communities and their stubbornness to periodically remind, at the end of his weekly column in the Mexican magazine PROCESS, the slope of compliance with the Agreements of San Andrés.
The collective tragedy of a senseless war, embodied in the tragedy particular struck him, has placed Don Javier in a difficult and delicate situation. Many are the sorrows that expect echo and volume in their demands for justice, and there are few concerns acuerpe expect their voice, not direct, the ignored voices of outrage.
And it also happens that around his gigantic figure worthy of the pain, scavenging vultures lurk policy above, for whom death is true only if you add or subtract from their individual projects and small groups, but they hide behind a representativeness. A new murder
becomes visible? Then you have to see how that affects the electoral accounting childish. Care up there deaths if they can influence the electoral agenda. If you can not capitalize on polls and trends in electoral preference, then return to the grim account where deaths do not matter, even tens of thousands, because again become an individual affair.
I do not know, as I write these words, the steps that the pain that calls. But his demand for justice, and all that it is synthesized, deserve our respect and support, even with our small self and our great limitations.
In the ebb and flow of news about that event, it is recalled that Don Javier Sicilia is a poet. Maybe that's why his persistent dignity.
In his very particular way of seeing and explaining the world, Old Antonio, the Indian who was a teacher and guide of us all, said there were people who were able to see realities that did not exist and that, as there were no words to describe these realities, then had to work with words and accommodate existing in a strange way, in part singing and part prophecy.
El Viejo Antonio spoke of poetry and its makers. (I would add to those who translate it, because l @ s @ s translator of poetry that speaks distant languages \u200b\u200bshould also be a lot of poetry maker @ s).
poets, women poets, see, see further or otherwise? I do not know, but looking for something that said in the past, hablara del presente que nos duele y del futuro incierto, encontré este escrito de José Emilio Pacheco que me mandó hace tiempo un mi hermano mayor y que viene al pelo para que nadie entienda:

Prosa de la Calavera.

Como Ulises me llamo Nadie. Como el demonio de los Evangelios mi nombre es Legión. Soy tú porque eres yo. O serás porque fui. Tú y yo. Nosotros dos. Vosotros, los otros, los innumerables ustedes que se resuelven en mí.
Then I went to the point of becoming commonplace, a symbol of wisdom. For the wisest course is also obvious. Since nobody wants to face him will never be more than enough to repeat: We are not citizens of this world, but passengers in transit through the prodigious land and intolerable.
If the flesh is grass, and born to be cut, I'm your body so the tree on the prairie: not invulnerable, not lasting, it stubborn or refractory material.
When you and all those born in the gap of time was you have just lent reprise his role in this drama, this farce, this tragic and farcical comedy, I will remain for many years: disembodied disembodied.
Serena grin, secret face that you refuse to see (pull out your mask: in me find your true face), but you know yours and intimate and always with you.
And it takes in, in fleeting cells to die by the millions every moment, everything you are, your mind, your memory, your words, your ambitions, your desires, your fears, your eyes that light hits erected the appearance of the world, your departure or understanding of what actually call reality.
What elevates you above your forgotten like, animals, and what puts you under them: the mark of Cain, hate your kind, your two-headed ability to make and destroy, ant woodworm.
Cause I'm with you everywhere. Always with him, her, you, waiting without protest, waiting. The armies of my fellow has built the story. Spraying is kneaded my earth shattering.
So, lo and behold, I-mask death-I am the deepest in your signs of life, your final mark, your last offering of waste to the planet that can no longer be in itself of so many dead. Although only briefly perduraré, however much higher than you allocated.
All beauty and all intelligence rests on me, and I repudiate. I see as a sign of fear of the dead who refuse to be dead, or death plain and simple: your death. Because I can only stay afloat with your wreck. Only show up when you hit bottom.
But at a certain age I insinuated in the grooves I draw, in his hair who share my worn white. I, your true colors, your looks last, your final face that makes you and drives you Legion No, today I offer you a mirror and say: See yourself.

(José Emilio Pacheco, "Prose of the skull" in "End of Century and Other Poems", Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Economica / Ministry of Education, No. 44 Lecturas Mexicanas, 1984, pp . 114-117)


"When hypocrisy is becoming very bad

quality, it's time to start telling the truth"
Bertold Brecht.

top war continues, and its path of destruction also means that we start to accept the daily horror as something natural, something impossible to change. As if the confusion was deliberate and pretend democratize a resignation that freezes, which makes up that loss, it pays.
At a time when confusion is organized and exercised conscious arbitrariness, we must do something.
And one thing is to try to disrupt the confusion with critical reflection.
As you can see from the letters which I enclose, Don Luis, have added to this exchange of thoughts on the Ethics and Policy , Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas, Raul Zibechi, Sergio Rodríguez Lascano and Gustavo Esteva. We hope you will add more thoughts to this space.
I play in this second letter from us, some of the issues that touch you in your answer and that directly or indirectly, our correspondent notes that throw their ideas from of Mexico City, Oaxaca and Uruguay. All
deal with its peculiarities, that is, their timing and their own geography, the subject of critical reflection. I'm sure none of us (you, them, us) we intend to establish immutable truths. Our purpose is to throw stones, good ideas, the seemingly tranquil pond of current theoretical task.
The simile use of stone beyond the rhetoric of an area temporarily disturbed by the stone. This is getting to the bottom. Failure to comply with the obvious, but crossing with the tight tank irreverent ideas and get to the bottom, below.
In the current era of critical reflection is apparently stalled. I say apparently if one adheres to what in the print and electronic media is presented as theoretical. And not only that the urgency has gone to what is important, in this case, the election time to destroy the social fabric.
is said, for example, the year that we are concerned, the 2011 is an election year. Well, so were all the previous years. Indeed, the only election date not on the calendar above is ... the day of elections.
But it is seen that immediacy can hardly distinguish what happened yesterday about what happened 17 years ago. Except
"annoying" interruptions of natural disasters and human (because the daily crimes of this war is a disaster), top theorists or thinkers of the immediate, return again and again over the election issue ... or juggle to link anything to the election issue.
theory junk food as same, no draws, only entertains. And that seems to be if we stick to what appears in most newspapers and magazines, as well as panels of "experts" of electronic media in our country.
When these dispensers of junk theory look to other parts of the world and conclude that the demonstrations that toppled governments are products of cellular and social networks, and no organization, mobilization capacity and convening power, express more than a supine ignorance , unacknowledged desire to achieve, without effort, his place in " HISTORY." "Tweet and gain heaven" is a modern creed.
And, like the "miracle products", these enhancers Alzheimer and political theorist, promote easy solutions to current social chaos.
No one would think that, as we provides advertising, if you use this lotion for men and perfume for women that will be instantly in France, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower , or in the bars of London above.
But as miracle products that promise weight loss without exercise and food jam, and some people believe, there are those who think you can have freedom, justice and democracy by simply crossing out a ballot for the permanence of the National Action Party, the arrival of the Party of Democratic Revolution or the return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
When these people ruling that there is only one option, the electoral route or route armed not only demonstrates their lack of imagination and knowledge of national and world history. Also, and above all, re-weave the trap that served as an argument for intolerance and the need for a fascist and reactionary unanimously to either side of the political spectrum.
"Brilliant" This analysis raises the urgency that definition ... in front of the choices imposed from above.
But the false choices Gustavo Esteva warning well in his text, and I think that given for a special theme of this exchange from a distance.
Instead of trying to impose their weak axioms, might choose to discuss, to argue, to try to convince. But no. It was and it is imposed.
I truly have no interest in serious discussion. And not just because they have no arguments (so far everything is a list of good intentions and naivety bordering on pathetic, where the National Action Party demonstrates that "so Fox" is not an isolated case but an entire school leaders in that game, where the Institutional Revolutionary Party preaches autism face of history itself, where several pints of the self-institutional left with slogans designed to convince the absence of arguments), but because it is not changing anything of substance.
is to funny to see how to juggle to charm the masses (yes, but the need to despise) while shamelessly courting economic power. It
question for them is precisely to maneuver in the narrow margin of the rubble of the National State in Mexico to try to exorcise a crisis, when burst, will also sweep them, that is, with class whole policy. In short, for them is a matter of individual survival.
The vocation of snitches, informers and policemen sit well with the theoretical junk hysteria encouraged intellectual and artistic, first against the student movement of 1999-2000 and the General Strike, and then against everything that does not accept the directives of this gang of cops thought and action.
This is a differentiation which is more like an exorcism: they are, the well-behaved, ie, the civilized, and there are others, the barbarians.
In its weak theoretical siding are, first (and up), individu l @ s @ s bright, wise, measured, prudent, and on the other hand (and below) is the dark mass, ignorant, away and provocative.
the side of there: the wise and mature usurpers of the representative of the majority.
From this side: the violent minorities represent only themselves.


But suppose you are interested in debate and convince.
argued, for example, the real result of the draft National Action transexenal change a well-known verse of the Mexican national anthem and instead to "Think, beloved fatherland, that heaven a collateral victim in each child gave you" and against which none of the other parties had raised a timely and strong alternative.
Or the supposed benefits of the return of the PRI and the subsequent endorsement of an entire culture of corruption and crime that soaked the whole of the political class of Mexico. O
actual project opportunities to reverse the wheel of history and return to the welfare state is the proposal of the opposition coalition still weak.
all, besides the theoretical dislike (of course, that complacency is not a pre-teen), it raises an impossibility: to maintain, recover or regenerate the rubble of a national state that gave birth and acuerpó the party system of government. That he found in the Institutional Revolutionary Party its best mirror and against which the entire political class of today's top hard at grooming.
Or not realize how far they are destroyed the bases of this state? How to maintain, recover or renew a dead body? And yet, long ago that politicians and analysts that accompany strive in vain to embalm the remains.
But it is understood, ignorance is not condemned. Of course, unless given wisdom.
not possible, tell us consider any solution to the disaster of the National Government without touching the system responsible for this ruin and the nightmare that people all over the country.
There are solutions, we say, but can only be born from below, from a radical proposal that does not wait for a council of wise men to legitimize itself, but has already lived, that is, fighting in various places of our country. And it is therefore not a unanimous proposal in its form, in their way, on your calendar, in its geography. Ie, is plural, inclusive, participatory. Nothing to do with the unanimity that pretend to be imposed by blue, yellow, red, green, pink, and extras that accompany them.
But we recognize that we can be wrong. That may be, is a suppository, which perpetrated the destruction still leave room for maneuver to remake the social fabric top.
But instead of encouraging a serious and thorough debate, we are asked to return to silence and, again, it drives us back to support our pursuers, who, for example, are home with their words or their silence People and Juan José Sabines Guerrero, Chiapas since the government pursues and punishes those who do not join the chorus of praise to fake their lies made government, who persecuted human rights defenders in Coast and highland Indians of Chiapas and San Sebastian Bachajón who refuse to prostitute their land, who encouraged the activities of paramilitary groups against indigenous Zapatista communities.
For those who really know what you're doing and undoing in Chiapas and not afraid to have renamed the theme of Sabines and now called "Waste, not words." Sabines Guerrero is what best represents the rotten Mexican political class, has the support PAN, PRI, PRD and AMLO's movement, is generous with the media to say what is right and shut up what does not suit you, keeps a look that no one seems to matter that's it, an appearance lends be shattered at any moment, and if the applied rule as a ranch foreman Diaz is involved.
And yet we are required to "make constructive criticism" to a movement led and driven to repeat the same story, with other names, of oppression.
When will they understand that there are individuals, groups, collectives, organizations, movements, who are not interested to change what is up or renewed (ie, recycle) a class policy is just a parasite?
We do not want to change from tyrants, owners, masters or supreme saviors, but have none.
But anyway, if anything we should be grateful to what happened up there, it has revealed once again the theoretical poverty and the evident strategic weakness of those who proposed and intend to maintain, relieve or retrain up to exorcise the rebellion from below.
I sincerely believe that a deep critical reflection should try to look away from the hypnotic carousel of the political class and see other realities. What
have to lose? In any case, have more arguments for self-erecting "the only possible alternative." After all, l @ s otr @ s @ s are sooo small (whew!) Sooo radical.
While it may yet see ...
That heroic collective effort by anarchists and libertarians avoid the logic of capitalist market is cause and effect of radical thinking. And the future has its main bet on the radical thoughts. So would do well to do with respect that varied so as to have its own identity: piercings, tattoos, studs, colored by the hair and other paraphernalia that condemned them both. O
struggle independent leftist social organizations that choose to organize drivers, mini-micro-nano traders and settlers (which is of each one, the females are the majority there), instead of organizing drivers, chambers of commerce and neighborhood associations VIP, which can account for significant changes in their lives. And not by way of handouts disguised electoral agency, but by the collective organization of the project direct, indirect and long term. It is something that will remain independent and thus resist.
Or the legendary strength of indigenous peoples. If anyone knows of pain and struggle, they are. O
dignified rage of the parents of murdered @ s, disappeared @ s, pres @ s. Because it would do well to remember that this country does not pass nothing ... until the women decide to pass. O
daily outrage Obrer @ s, employee @ s, s peasants, indigenous, young @ s of the cynicism of politicians regardless of color.
Or the stubborn struggle of the worker s @ s of the Mexican Union of Electricians though, they do, have against a massive media campaign, repression, imprisonment and threats and harassment.
Or the persistent struggle for freedom to @ s pres @ s @ s polític the live presentation of the disappeared.
Or not? Do they want democracy but amnesia is not administered to convenience? Do you choose what to see and so you choose what to forget?

In his letter, Don Luis, do you play the track of individual and collective. A longstanding discussion above the counters and has used that to make an apology for a system, the capitalist, compared to the alternatives that come before him as resistance.
The collective, we are told, erases individuality, subjugates. And then, in a theoretical leap vulgar, is passed to sing the praises of the system where it is repeated, any individual can become anything, good or bad, because there is a guarantee of freedom.
It occurs to me that this "freedom" is something that would to embroider further, but perhaps another time, for now ... back to the individual or individuals, as the case or something.
system guy sings the praises of top or bottom. At the top
highlight your individuality because good or bad, effective or poor, bright or dark, obscures the responsibility of a form of social organization. So there are individuals we have bad leaders ... or bad (sorry, could not find any that would allow me to put "or good") individuals ditto economic power, et cetera.
If the guy above is perverse, stupid, cruel and stubborn (I know, seems like I'm giving the partial identification Felipe Calderón Hinojosa), then you have to do is remove the bad guy and put in place a good individual. And if there are no good guys, then at least as bad (I know, seems like I'm repeating an election slogan for 5 years and ready to be recycled).
system, ie the form of social organization, remains intact. Or subject to the permissible variations. That is, you can make some changes, but no change in substance, to wit: there are few that are up, a lot of which are below and those above it are at the expense of those below. And the individual
below it applauds and admires him because no individual rebellion can seriously endanger the functioning of this form of social organization. Or you ridicule and attack because the individual is vulnerable. Allow me then an arbitrary
rhetoric: let's say the fundamental aspirations of every human being are: life, liberty, truth. And maybe we can talk of graduation: better life, more freedom, more knowledge.
Is it possible that the individual can fully achieve their aspirations and their gradients in a collective? We think so. In any case, we are sure you will not be achieved without the collective.
"Where, with whom, against what?". Here, we say, are the questions whose answer defines the place of individual and collective society, in a precise timing and geography. Not only
. They also define the relevance of critical reflection. Before
group said that these reflections are not intended to reach the general truth, but try and stay out of the lie unanimous top we are trying to impose.


And only a few words about current efforts seem to solitary individuals.
A different critics initiatives, even scattered, arising from social pain, should be reminded that, to judge and condemn those who do something, they are acquitting who does nothing. Because
end the arbitrary, disrupt the confusion, stop the war are collective tasks.

The world as we know it will be destroyed. Baffled and battered, nothing can answer your close when they ask " Why? "First
be spontaneous demonstrations, violent and brief. After a reflux that allowed a sigh of relief ("Phew over, my good "). But new surveys come later, but because it involved organized collective identity.
Then you will see that the bridges destroyed, believing they had been erected to help the Barbarians, will not only be impossible to rebuild, they will also realize that these bridges were to be helped. And tell
ell @ s will come a time of darkness, but will not be simple but resentment because light hold and manage not intended to serve absolutely nothing to those groups that made their own light, and with it, and walk therein and walk.
The world will never be the same world. Even better. But it will mean a new chance to be the place where peace is possible to build with work and dignity, not a continuous swim against the tide in the middle of a nightmare with no end.
Then, since poetry in a pint on a crumbling wall will read these words of Bertold Brecht:

You who will emerge from the morass in which we have sunk when you speak of your weaknesses, think also in the dark time that I have escaped. We changed shoes country and through the class war, despairing where there was only injustice and no one stood against it. And yet, we knew that even the hatred of meanness disfigures her face. Also anger against injustice hoarse voice. Unfortunately, we who wanted to pave the way for the kindness we were not friendly. But you, when the time comes that man is man's best friend, think of us with leniency.

Vale Don Luis. Health and stillness not succeed again.

From the mountains the Mexican Southeast. Subcomandante Marcos.
Mexico, April 2011.

PD-And to conclude this letter, again death came with his unforeseen way to a road companion. Felipe Toussaint Loera, a Christian of those who believe in the need for earthly justice, it was a hot afternoon of April. Philip and otr @ s like him are those who spoke in recent texts. He was and is part of that generation of men and women who have sided with the Indians when they were still in fashion and when they ceased to be. I remember in one of the preparatory meetings of The Other Campaign in 2005, reaffirming its commitment to register their individual story in the history of a community being reborn again and again. Greet your life, because in it, the questions " where?," With whom, against what? "Philip said," down with the Indians fighting against the system that exploits, deprives, represses and despises. " All deaths down hurt, but there are some that hurt more closely. Philip's is very much ours as if something we were missing.


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